Camino, Well-being & Relaxation

Journey of self discovery

Why is the Camino de Santiago so popular? An incredible 347,578 pilgrim walkers undertook the Camino last year from over at least 50 different pilgrimage routes for various reasons. Is this the year you embark on a Camino for your personal health and well-being? You could be a gap student, undergoing change in your life, maybe your retired and want to spend more time looking after your health.

The busy-ness of our lives with the constant technology, demands and overload consumes our time and depletes our energy. The Camino allows space to reflect, slow down, re-energise, re-connect with others and gain a perspective on how we lead our lives. As we become more conscious through awareness and mindfulness walking each day, we become more in tune with our body, mind and spirit and can aim to facilitate change for a more well-balanced life.

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