Time to set some new fitness goals. Maybe your fitness hasn’t been that high on your agenda over the winter, as the weather has been cold and days are short. With Spring just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about a new fitness programme and walking and Pilates could be the perfect combination with double benefits. Not only are they both low impact exercises, but also offer mindful movement.

Whilst walking gives a great low-impact cardiovascular workout, pilates also is a low impact workout focusing on deep muscle activation, which is also great for addressing balance, co-ordination, whilst strengthening muscles and joints. These wellbeing days are ideal for anyone looking to start an exercise programme, or to invest some time in your health and wellbeing.

1 Day Itineary:

Walk (4-5 miles)

Mindfulness walking

Pilates Progressions (studio)

Tai Chi Inspired session (studio)

Yoga and mindfulness inspired session (studio)

Saturday 4th March 2023 – £40 (Limited numbers – small group only)

Saturday 29th April 2023 – £50

Malvern Hills – 10.00am-4pm

Mindfulness walking session held Sundays 3.00-3.45pm pm at the MAC (Midlands Arts Centre), Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham to bring some calm into your life. Cost: £6

Your Journey to Health & Wellbeing

Mindfulness Walking session

Venue: MAC (Midlands Arts Centre, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham)

3.00-3.45pm £6



Find out more with this free session the benefits of fitness and Pilates.


The 1:1 session will enable us to conduct an initial assessment and formulate a programme based on your individual training goals and needs. This is ideal if you are recovering from an injury or have not been involved in exercise for some time. Whether you are looking to start couch to 5k run, train for an endurance event or just wish to feel fitter and healthier and improve your lifestyle through walking and exercise.


This package is ideal for beginners and with consist of an initial assessment and 3 1:1 sessions personal training to include a free ‘Pilates for Performance’ DVD.


Portugal Coastal Camino – 5 Day Guided Camino – Vigo-Santiago, Spanish & Pilates to include morning Spanish lesson each day

This medium guided walk is ideal for those looking to make friends, solo travellers, share the experience of walking, Pilates & Yoga

Fitness Excel health Caminos are run with specialist Spanish Travel Agency and local Spanish Guide

This guided camino will start in Vigo where our group will meet. Our local guide Lisa will meet you to discuss the itinerary and you will meet other members. Enjoy your free time to explore Vigo before your walking which starts the following day.

Day 01: Arrival by your own to Vigo.
Day 02: Vigo-Redondela (16 km)
You will climb to the top of Enxertade and soon you will reach the village of Redondela, where you will start a new ascent to O Viso, with a privileged view over the estuary.
Day 03: Redondela-Pontevedra (19,5 km)
You will cross the historic Roman

bridge over the Verdugo River and ascend to A Canicouva along beautiful cobblestone roads. In Pontevedra you can discover its impressive historic centre, full of small squares.
Day 04: Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis (21,1 km).
After leaving the bridge of O Burgo you will start a route along local roads along the Galician countryside, finding small streams and pretty villages.
Day 05: Transfer to Padrón and stage to Santiago de Compostela (18.6km). This stage will take you in a constant ascent to the city through small villages. Finally, you will be able to see the majestic Towers of the Cathedral before entering its old town.
Day 06: After breakfast, departure.

Pilates and yoga will take place after each walk – Contact: fitnessexcel@gmail.com

Expert Guide: Lisa

Lisa was born in the Ukraine and is now living in La Coruna, Spain, 70km from Santiago. Lisa has studied Event Management, is an excellent organiser and speaks many languages to include; Russian, Ukraine, Spanish, English & French. She loves travel, nature, art, leading groups and creating unforgettable experiences for peoples walking the Camino.

WALKERS EXERCISE – try the Pilates roll back exercise in the video below to re-align the spine whilst keeping your hamstrings lengthened, an excellent exercise for walkers.

Planning to

Are you planning to take part in the Camino El Santiago?

A great route to start is either the Portugal Coastal Route or the traditional French Route (Video as below). We provide a bespoke tailored on-line advice sessions on walking, Camino routes, nutrition, Pilates and exercising, preparation before, during and after your Camino.

Portugal Coastal Way – Baiona-Santiago last 100 km

Coastal Way

This is the last stretch of the Portugal Coastal Camino to Santiago. A 7 day walk starting in the seaside town of Baiona. A great walk for those looking for an easier route, with less hills. Wander along the beach, swim in the ocean, try local cuisine. You will follow the trail to Vigo, walk through towns such as Redondela, Pondevedra, Caldas de Reis and Padron before reaching the final destination Santiago where you can get your ‘Pilgrim Certificate’.

Click below and watch a short video of one of our suggested most popular walking routes, Camino de Santiago, Northern Spain.

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