Student Vivienne: “I am a student from China studying for a Masters Degree in Business & Management, Birmingham. Pilates has helped with my posture and back whilst studying, I also studied with Sarah to undertake a Certificate in Teaching Pilates Level 2, which I can use alongside my other career goals and which compliments my Tai Chi”.

“I have attended Sarah’s weekly Pilates classes in Ludlow for a couple of years, I always feel better for doing so – every bit of me feels a bit more comfortable and loosened up afterwards, I have definitely gained more flexibility and strength. Sarah always takes into account the level of experience and any challenges you might have such as bad knees, back, shoulders, etc and provides alternative movements to accommodate and assist rehabilitation. Since lockdown, Sarah been giving live Pilates lessons on Skype. This works really well, it’s more sociable than an ordinary on-line class where you don’t get feedback. As the numbers are small, she can see what you are doing and offer corrections and encouragement which makes it so much more enjoyable and personal. There are also suggestions of exercises to be doing during the week via a mini clip video”. LH

“I am taking Pilates and Yoga on line live with Sarah via Zoom and am really enjoying the lessons. The movements have helped with my anxiety and improved my sleep patterns. Sarah adapts the lessons according to my energy levels. Since lockdown I have had panic attacks and the Pilates and Yoga have enabled me to be calmer, focusing on breathing and mindfulness, I would highly recommend these lessons”. KB

“Sarah is an amazing teacher and pitches her lessons at just the correct level for the population in and around Ludlow.  She is careful with her exercises and tailors them to the individual class.  She is encouraging.  Sometimes I have a good ache for a few days after a lesson as I have used the muscles which have been ‘dormant’ for some time.  The ‘good’ ache disappears within 2 days and if I manage to go twice weekly I notice a much faster progression with my fitness and well being.  I always come away feeling much more mobile and positive.”  Highly recommended.  Catherina. Ludlow (Pilates client)

Pilates has helped strengthen my whole body, improved my sense of balance and increased my awareness, giving me more control of my everyday movements. It has also helped in my management of pain brought on by degenerative disc disease and arthritis.”   Client, Ludlow

“I have been attending Sarah’s Pilates classes for 1 year and have noticed a difference in my posture, improvement in back and knee pain.  Initially, I started off with a few 1:1 sessions, where my lesson was tailored and modified to my requirements, this helped me to focus on which muscles to use correctly and to build up slowly before going onto a group. I have also learnt how to breathe correctly and this has helped with my mild asthma”.   Client, Ludlow 



Leonardo da Vinci Project 2011- Vocational Education, Language, Culture & Work Experience in Tenerife:  Project No: 163059

Case Study – Sohail  age 18 – Certificate in Fitness Instruction Level 2 

I studied for a Fitness Instruction level 2 Qualification with Fitness Excel, combined with Spanish and a three week work placement. My work placement was based in a children’s summer tennis camp. 

The Leonardo da Vinci project has enabled me to use all my skills which I learnt on my vocational course of study and developed additional sports skills such as coaching the children tennis in the sports camp and instructing them martial arts skills.  This experience has really helped me develop my confidence. 

I have learnt how to manage money on a budget, improve my linguistic Spanish skills by working with Spanish children.  I have also made new friends and met other students from countries such as Turkey and Germany.  This experience and the transferable skills gained on placement will definitely help me with my future career as I plan to study business studies and management at university.  I can highly recommend work placements for other students”.

“It was a good balance between free time to visit places of interest combined with the work placement.  The first week was essential to acclimatise to Tenerife as I had not been before.  The intense Spanish language at the Host school has given me confidence to go out and use my linguistic skills in shops and cafes before going on the two week work placement”.                                          

Working in a different environment has developed additional skills for me, such as managing a group, participating in different sports, communicating in Spanish as well as observing other coaches and working alongside them was a great learning experience”, this is a great opportunity and I would definitely like to return next year”.  Arsalan – aged 17