Group Exercises Classes

Elmhurst Ballet Students taking Pilates Class



The Side Plank
Double Leg Lift

Mondays – Victory Hall, Neen Sollars (2.5 miles from Cleobury Mortimer)

9.30am-10.30am – General Pilates

10.30am-11.30am – Beginner Pilates

Tuesdays – 10.00-11.00am                                         Tuesdays 1230-1.30pm

Ludlow Assembly Rooms                                           Diddlebury Village Hall

Mill St, Ludlow                                                             Mill Lane, Craven Arms


Wetmore Clinic, Wetmore Farm, Near Ludlow

Flexibility, breathing, mindfulness, relaxation

Upper body stretch

Contact:  Sarah at fitnessexcel@gmail.com

or 07967 482510, 


Individual Pilates Lessons

Please call 07967 482510 to find out about individual Pilates lessons.

Pilates classes

*Are suitable for those who are beginner to intermediate. *Mats and equipment are provided. 

Pilates is a system of mind-body exercises including breathing, maintaining a neutral spine, developing strong core muscles, flowing movements which aim to improve co-ordination, balance, challenge neuromuscular pathways and improve your kinaesthetic sense by fine tuning your exercises and improving motor skills.

Awareness of addressing  muscular imbalances caused by poor posture and sporting activities you will learn to move more easily with less tension in the body.

Our method focuses on an holistic approach, you develop a sense of body awareness, learn how to activate key postural muscles and achieve stability in the abdominals and lower back.

Each exercise is executed with precision, considering the angle of the spine, pelvis and curves of your spine.  What makes Pilates different is you do not just focus on one muscle, but address the body as a whole.

Our collection of exercises vary from week to week and exercises have carefully been selected to complement each other by incorporating both simple and complex movements.  Group classes include using resistance bands/circles for additional toning.

  • Sportspeople, those who have suffered injuries or muscle imbalance as a result of their sport such as racket sports, running or golf.
  • Performers, such as dancers, actors or musicians.
  • Performance sports, horse riding and dressage, ice skating, where posture and alignment are essential.
  • Those wishing to return to exercise or take up exercise for the first time.
  • Elderly people wishing to improve  strength and mobility.
  • People wishing to prevent the onset of osteoporosis
  • Those students with disability and/or special needs.
  • Those suffering from stress or stress related illness.

Posture Analysis – Spine, Pelvis, Scapula

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Whether you are sitting at a computer, attending meetings, we often sit in a poor position for prolonged periods of time, which can create compression in the hip joints.  This can lead to shortened muscles in the back, knees, neck and torso.

What we need is more movement.   if we want to keep our back healthy, we need regular breaks from the desk and move more frequently.

Lunch time Pilates and exercise classes enable us to move our bodies and become more aware of our posture. In addition, by taking a regular session at lunch time exercise can boost our concentration levels, so we end the day feeling more supple and relaxed with less stiffness.

Fitness Excel offers Pilates and yoga lunch time session or after office hours, Pilates or yoga exercises can help reduce a stiff back and neck, through prolonged sitting at a desk.

Contact:  Sarah at fitnessexcel@gmail.com or 07967 482510