Wellbeing Workshops

Health & Wellbeing Days

Saturday 19 August 10.00-4.00pm – Malvern Hills

Health & Wellbeing- Introduction to Forest Bathing

Saturday 1 July 2023 – 10.00-3.00pm


Forest bathing known in Japan as ‘Shinrin-yoku’ is the practice of spending time in the forest for better health. This interactive day will consist of Walking, mindfulness, Pilates, Yoga, outdoor therapeutic techniques for body and mind. Learn techniques for vitality and health.

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Breathe efficiently workshops you will learn:

How do we breathe? Purpose of the nose. Nose versus mouth breathing Breathing ratios and its purpose in exchange of gases, mechanisms of breathing, reasons why to breathe efficiently, stress and anxiety and its effects on the body.

Tummo breathing – which literally means ‘inner fire’, it is an ancient meditation technique pracice in Tibet.


Sarah: Teacher of Science and biology with over 30 years of teaching exercise, fitness and Pilates.

Tim: A Science Lecturer from University of Manchester, qualified as a FRYOG teacher in 1992, trained  at the Yoga Biomedical School in London, helped found the British Council for Yoga Therapy and trained with the Satynanda school of Yoga in London in 2002 to become a Yoga Nidra teacher. A qualified Hypnotherapist with the National Council for Hypnotherapy, he acts as the external examiner for the Real School of Yoga Therapy.

Mindfulness Walking Sessions

A combination of exercise and mindfulness, focusing on sensations of the body and the environment through movement and sensory awareness, incorporating a fusion of inspired movement. £5 per session

Mondays & Fridays 4.45pm, Malvern Hills

Sundays 3-3.25pm Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham