Master’s Research – University of Worcester

Literature Review – Grocutt, S. (2022)

Research Title: Health & Wellbeing – Resilience on the Camino de Santiago

Key Themes: Resilience, physical, mental, emotional, social, pilgrimage

Project Title:  Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Pilgrims Motivations and Experiences on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago

This qualitative theory, method, research project involved Ethnography and IPA (Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis)

Themes: Religion, Emotional, Social, Health & Wellbeing.

Project Title: Adventure and Outdoor Therapy: Therapeutic interventions and strategies for health & well-being 2023

Themes: Mental Health, Sport & Fitness, Wellbeing,

Project Title: Health & Wellbeing on the St Francigena Pilgrim Route – Italy – 2023