Study Experience Abroad

Studying abroad and undertaking a work experience placement is an incredible opportunity.   It not only develops the individual personally, but also from an academic point of view.  Spending 2-3 weeks or longer enables students to gain insight into a different culture, learn a new language and grow as a person.  Other benefits include getting out of your comfort zone, boost your personal and professional skills.  The Erasmus program is one way students can gain a new experience.  One of the main reasons and benefits of Erasmus is it helps students enhance their CV and make them stand out in the job market.  About 64% of employers consider an international experience to be important for recruitment.  Furthermore, the student develops other skills such as flexibility, time management and using their initiative.

Take a look at our video project, involving students from two schools, learning vocational training linked to sports and fitness, Spanish and work experience in Tenerife.   visit, training and education.


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