Posture – The Neck

There are many reasons for neck pain and one of the most common factors include the ligaments over-stretching, which could be related to postural stress. Some examples include lying in an awkward position, sitting for prolonged periods at a desk or computer, sporting activities, playing an instrument, driving or gardening.

The neck has a high level of movement and flexibility due to the structure of the joints.  The cervical spine which consists of 7 vertebrae, which rest upon each other.  Separating the vertebrae are cartilages, these are called discs.  Each joint is surrounded and held together by soft tissue which is supported by ligaments.

The neutral position of the neck should maintain a small curve, called the cervical lordosis and it is when the natural curve of the neck is lost or changed that pain could arise.

Thinking about how the neck is positioned on a daily basis, if the neck is protruded,  could lead to over-stretched ligaments, an awareness of retracting the neck enables the cervical neck to maintain its lordosis.


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