Having coached and trained numerous students, whether it is wellness, Pilates, academic or vocational work over the years, one of my goals was to increase students to become more independent learners. Having realised that the majority of students have some digital skills, I have encouraged students to incorporate some of their learning via on-line lessons.  Students studying for vocational qualifications now have a learning platform in which they can study modules on-line.  In addition, they can link in with other students on the course and become more involved with collaborated learning with their peers in-between face-to-face interaction.

Furthermore, students undergoing coaching, face to face or Pilates can also benefit from having on-line lessons which will enable them to achieve their goals in-between group led classes.

Kolb’s learning cycle is a simple model which demonstrates that people learn best through experience.  Kolb uses four stages of learning:

Experience:  By participating in a new experience like digital learning can be positive.

Reflection:   Student reflects on the experience of the digital on-line lesson and both the positive and negative aspects.

Comparison: Students compare the experience, as to what works well.

Experimenting:  Students try out what they have learned and apply it.

To conclude, there are many issues surrounding the success of learning, however, students undertaking some form of independent learning in-between group lessons enables a new, richer experience




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