El Camino de Compostela Santiago, Spain


galicia      blueshell

Taking time out to experience the famous Pilgrim Route, the Way of St James which attracts thousands of visitors every year.  Pilgrimage offers us an opportunity to slow down and allow space into our lives.  During the walk and quiet space we can take time to reflect on the deeper significance of our lives and what led us to undertake the walk.  Sarah, founder of Fitness Excel and her daughter embarked on part of the French Way Camino during Easter and found the experience truly amazing, hiking through the gentle rolling hills and forests of Galicia, walking through the charming villages and visiting pretty churches, trying local traditional cuisine, meeting so many friendly locals and people from all over the world, USA, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Ireland and the UK to name, but a few and eventually arriving in Santiago visiting the spectacular Cathedral.

We will be returning in April 2018 to undertake a longer walk of at least 100KM to gain the Pilgrim Passport.  Fitness and health play an important part of anyone thinking of undertaking a walk such as the Camino and good preparation is vital, not only to enjoy the experience, but to avoid fatigue and injury.  Excel Coaching & Fitness Excel offers fitness programmes, Pilates, coaching and mentoring sessions, tailored for the individual, together with nutrition advice for anyone considering embarking on a similar walk.  Sarah, founder of Fitness Excel is a qualified teacher, coach and is presently studying for a Masters Degree in Education, Coaching & Mentoring.  Contact:  us for more information.

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