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Life coaching can help you in many areas of your life, whether this is career, fitness, study, personal.  Life coaching is motivational, inspiring, positive, non-directive and action driven. Maybe you are looking to change jobs, improve your study grades, embark on a new course of study or maybe want a change of career.  You could be deciding to start an exercise programme, want a run a marathon, walkathon or just need guidance in learning how to balance your busy life and find more time to relax.  One-to-One life coaching can help you assess what is important in your life, by working with a coach, your goals are assessed, help you to look at where you are and where you want to be by raising awareness and encouraging you to take responsibility, through setting targets and developing a plan of action.  Life coaching starts at £45 per session.  Contact:  Sarah on 07967 482510


As part of a balanced lifestyle fitness is a vital.  A tailored programme designed for you can help you achieve your goals.  A medical consultation is carried out, combined with an in-depth lifestyle form, then an initial physical and postural analysis  to identify any limitations to movement, recognise your current fitness levels, identify your nutrition and lifestyle habits.

A variety of training methods are then used to include cardiovascular training, mobility, strength, power, flexibility.  It is recommended that you book for a 6 week block, this will enable you to stick with the programme, track your progress and help you achieve your goals.  Sessions start from £45

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Trying to juggle home and working life can be a challenge when trying to control your weight, so realistic aims and objectives are set out during your individual lifestyle consultation which includes a body fat test, analysis of your calorie intake, to complete a food diary, evaluation of how to maintain a balanced diet whilst addressing your strengths and weaknesses in your food intake.  Consultations start from £45.

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Tuesdays – 11.15-12.15.  Group class.  Fun, active, build up your fitness, bring your own poles.  £7 to meet at Assembly Rooms.

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This is a fun and sociable way of getting fit and getting outdoors by training in the beautiful countryside.  Poles are used to help aid balance as well as enabling you to propel you forwards and help increase speed.  Some of the benefits are:

Toning and Strengthening muscles and joints

Tones the upper body as well as lower

Excellent cardiovascular exercise for the lungs and heart

Reduces pressure on joints

Private lessons start at £45 per session